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  • orlsdad orlsdad Oct 27, 2012 8:25 AM Flag

    "My party (gop) is full of racists"

    Lawrence Wilkerson, former member of bush admin.

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    • Wilkerson is stating the obvious. Confirmed by the rabid comments of the racists to the message.

    • xtgeminiman@ymail.com xtgeminiman Oct 27, 2012 1:07 PM Flag

      LOL! Yes, we hate him because he's black (half-white you retard!) and not because he's the worst president in recent memory.

    • Racism at it's roots is just a desire to hate your fellow man. as it's socially unacceptable to hate based on race, it's interesting to see how that hate manifests and who those hateful people are. Is the guy who hates for political differences any different from the guy who hates for racial ones? Does he think he's superior? Does he think they are evil or retarded? In the absence of racism maybe you should ask yourself who those people are.

    • & btw, orly, you commie:

      1. Bush is not considered to be representative of the GOP by anyone except commie lib Dems who want to smear the Republican party, and

      2. the Dem party is full of lying, godless, white male hating reverse racists who live out their lives in an alternate reality, and want to force everyone else to live there too.

    • This is what I love about you bleeding hart liberals or progressives whatever you guys are calling yourselves these days. You scream racism at every turn when in fact you yourselves are the true racists espically white progressives. This is what I mean you guys say minorities are treated unfairly,so laws where pasted to make sure discrimanation wouldn't happen, if a minority goes somewhere and is discrimanted against they can sue or the discriminator would catch some kind of criminal case. Everything should be all set, right? Nope.
      Even though minorities are being treated the same as white people now, you guys still say minoities need special programs to compete with white people. To me whenever I hear that it like progressive are saying minorities are inferior to white people.

    • Lefties spend their lives trying to correct the injustices and hurts they experienced in high school.

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      • More like prejudice to me. I've never heard many pundits talk about the difference between that and racism. Until we get there I doubt much more progress will be made between parties on the subjects. This is why I hated politics in the end and went on wall st because there is always too much of a grey area with the more serious subjects and why the most serious ones tend to never get resolved.

    • Why are not blacks ever called racist?,,,,,there more racist then whites

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      • Black's answer to this has always been that it is impossible for them to be racists b/c they have no POWUH, ie, it requires power to be racist.

        My question therefore is this: now that we have a black president, isn't it now possible for blacks to be racist? And haven't therefore white people been non-racist for the past 4 years and blacks in fact been the racists during that time?

        How come nobody ever asks Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton that in the MSM?

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