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  • spaceturtle9000 spaceturtle9000 Nov 13, 2012 8:26 PM Flag

    As far as the fiscal cliff is concerned..

    I'm hoping the republicians see through this bull s**** trap the dems have set. The democrates are banking on 2 things.
    1) The reppublicians hold true to their pledge and not rise taxes. The bill to extend all tax cuts never gets voted on in the senate. Over the clif we go.

    2) The republicians allow taxes to go up fo the rich, capital gains, and death tax just give the president everything he wants. Democrates call republicans lairs and say something in 2014 like how can you trust congress man soso when he wont even keep his word on taxes.

    I truely hope republicans take option 2. This of course will throw the U.S. into resestion in 2013. You can argue all you want about that wont happen because the rich will pay more but least you forget 1994 after Clinton raised taxes what happend? if not for his svior Ross Perot he would have lost to Dole.

    Now option 2 will also hurt the Democrates more than the republicians. Here's why. Democrates can no longer call republicans obstructionist. When the country does go into resestion republicians can say see told yah so. So please republicains don't be stupid like you where in Indiana. Just give this guy everything he wants let him and every democrate go around pounding their chest yelling about how they gave it to the man and this is a great win for the American people.

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