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  • yirich815 yirich815 Nov 21, 2012 4:57 PM Flag

    If both parties resolve the Fiscal Cliff, they would cut tax ? :)

    They still have to raise tax. How delusional is this ? :)

    If they don't agree on any, this so-called mkt will plummet where I don't know. It might be like almost dead mkt. If they agree to do something, which we are suppose they would, this so-called mkt will half plummet. I guess it might be like almost half-dead.

    So, they would choose how the mkt would be.

    GOP said they would talk about "Fiscal Cliff", which must be their job to do and the only way to approach the real issue, paying back the Huge Debts of U$ 16 T.

    As Freud had mentioned long ago, there is no pure Black, nor pure White in this world.
    Only grey exists.

    People will be rather surprised if both parties would do just jawboning till the end of this year without any agreement.
    They might be ready to talk and find an agreement, which we already know "paying debts", or the world would dump all the papers anyway.

    But, that agreement would be grey-colour.

    More budget cuts /or, more taxation.

    So, it's no surprise if they announce they reach the final agreement now.

    I wonder If more taxation than expected ( LOL ), or more budget cuts than expected ( LOL ) would make any big difference.
    "More taxation than expected & less spending" and "more budget cuts than expected & less taxation" is still more taxation than now.

    Considering holiday shopping, it's no wonder why volume is missed at this level. :)

    So, "Run while you can ! or stay out of the so-called mkt." is my guessing based on the inference.

    Have a nice holiday !!

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