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  • piezodude piezodude Dec 10, 2012 11:20 AM Flag

    long term spy = 114

    and then it may bounce and go to 60

    this economy is a joke
    the employment numbers are fudged like crazy
    layoff, layoff, layoff
    layoffs are not good, as someone would like to suggest, not at this point, there are no real jobs to support the fact that 60% of the country works for the government
    And the national debt at $16T going to $18T is stupid and not sustainable
    Cutbacks in play, NY State laying off teachers, that's serious, and it means less spending.
    Cuts means correction in the market.
    How about China falling to 2.9% from 9% exports!
    Wait for the Chinese stock market crash from that.
    And tomorrow, the Fed has to throw some more money away.
    And car sales are up, but how long can they be artifically pumped up, before everyone has a nice new shiny car they can't afford.
    And how long can they pump realistate before they have created another artificial bubble?

    Let the Beta take the markets to the moon, and then to the center of the earth.

    The next bottom is going to be nasty and it will feed on itself. Once the money starts moving out, the avalanche will take hold.

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