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  • golfrattt2000 golfrattt2000 Dec 30, 2012 8:04 PM Flag

    what's the trade no dea, but imminent deal.? I don't see one (a safe one)

    Any trade you take is going to be subject to a large reversal at any time due to real news or BS news and rumors...

    Possibly long Vxx with a trailing stop

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    • sorry, meant 'what's the trade on no deal, but an imminent deal..?

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      • The one thing that should be obvious is that this country has no leadership and no desire to stop the spending binge. Everything is based on debt, even debt instruments are treated like money which they aren't. we talk about equity, debt but never cash or savings because there is none. The only people who ever saved are us fools who put money in to this casino via IRA's and 401k's. Government never produced a thing or saved a dime, nor did Wall Street. They only take from us, the government takes your money in the form of taxes and Wall Street takes it from your account.

        The trade is to be short, the VIX is above 20 for the first time in a long time yet the markets haven't crumbled but they will. I'm 100% short and will stay short because any deal is unacceptable. The cliff is here because it was agreed upon long ago and Washington had all the time in the world to get their act together, instead they worried about the elections. nothing got done so now we go over the cliff as was intended to force spending cuts. We are bankrupt, doesn't anyone get it?

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