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  • balak_joshi balak_joshi Dec 31, 2012 2:01 AM Flag

    DOW 17000 in 2013 is predicted by Jeremy Seigel & Lazlo Birinyai

    Crazy to short this market..if anything makes sense for me to remain long and cover any and all short. One news like a deal can take it up sharply. Earnings starts in two weeks and it will generally OK or good.

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    • What you do depends on what you're doing. I don't suggest any investor should ever get out or short. You should be partially in cash or in defensive positions at some times and aggressive positions at others.

      Primarily as a trader, I look for inefficiencies in the market, or I encourage faster price discovery. Short or long is irrelevant. I assist the market in efficiency.

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      • Exactly, as you said. I also see the inflows to the outflows, and the downflows.

        It's not a game, but it is almost a game on a chess board; one which I want to learn, and have time to to do so.

        Right. As if the monetary swings in the major indices just didn't mean #$%$ in my
        I could show you exactly, what they are.

        But you might not like that revelation.

        Which is very different from on who revolts in a revolution.

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