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  • thewatcher3434 thewatcher3434 Jan 1, 2013 5:43 PM Flag

    Bears will be smoked (again)

    Ibd man, I'm wrong? Being a new guy to this board, I have read your post history and it seems you went long every time the charts said sell and went short every time the chart said buy. I will start using you as a contrarian indicator as your baseless and worthless opinion is unreliable and useless. I can only imagine the losses you have incurred. You're system is terrible, you have no skills and I wouldn't listen to a word you say based on your history.

    And pjw, you were one of many bragging about your short positions all weekend and got smoked. I sleep well knowing I have outpaced inflation and live a comfortable lifestyle. You sleep knowing you have the largest money printing system in the history of man crushing your shorts, and for all your bashing and nonsense, you've made mere crumbs here and there when you could have been eating cake. Regardless long or short, the goal is to make money. So me being long, following the trend and making profits even in a hyper inflationary, money printing propped up market environment is far better than fear pumping, end of the world losing money money system like you.

    What is it? Do you feel smart being short and losing your shirt for it? Enjoy the crumbs pal. Keep pumping that fear. Based on your posts, positions referenced in them and simple math to calculate your huge losses, It's working great for you.

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