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  • thewatcher3434 thewatcher3434 Jan 12, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

    This Market.Kibbles poster is a deeply disturbed individual (with attached analysis and evidence of such)

    Before retiring in 2010, I was a licensed psychologist in the San Jose area. I have encountered numerous mentally unstable individuals in my 31 years of practice, and after reviewing this Kibbles character, my prognosis is as follows.

    1) Mr. Kibble is a mentally unstable individual. His self loathing, boastful posts exhibit behavior commonly known as "the napoleon complex". In a nutshell, his frequent need for self worth on an anonymous public message board (whereas the readers are absolute strangers to one another) is consistent with him being distraught about the short comings in his life in the real world. His only wish is to feel important, and because he is unimportant in the real world, chooses to use these message boards as an outlet to feel special.The more bizarre and loathing his posts are on a specific day, the more sad,upset and miserable he is on that specific day. Boasting to complete strangers tells me the self gratification he is so desperately seeking is something he is NOT receiving in the "real world". His posts exhibit behavior which is bizarre and egotistical. He is constantly trying to put others down, and does this because it is his only outlet and means to feel better about himself. This behavior is most likely from a deprived childhood, a failed marriage or career, or both.

    2) In my studies, I have found that patients who exhibit this type of behavior all follow a very similar pattern. Mr. Kibbles has all the trademarks of a pathological liar, as well as showing signs of a class 1 paranoid schizophrenia. He is extremely irrational, irate and also shows signs of severe personality disorder, as noted in his multiple user id's and conversations with himself. Mr. Kibbles no longer knows where the real world ends and the cyber world begins. He is that far gone. He absolutely believes what he posts, even though it is outright lies.

    Lets put this into perspective. What are the odds, a man with such a vast net worth as kibbles describes and claims, who, if true would be living in the lap of luxury surrounded by and maintaining his tens if not hundreds millions based on his posts of daily 100-500% gains, would spend hours and hours a day on a public message board, boasting to anonymous individuals about how great he is? I don't know about you, but all the millionaires I know are busy managing their investments, growing and expanding their empire, traveling and working to maintain their millions. They are NOT on yahoo message boards, bragging to random people about how much they are making on a specific day, especially for 14 years straight as Mr. Kibbles himself acknowledges. They simply do not have the time.

    Mr. Kibbles, I have read your work, and it seems you only post the trades and profits you make AFTER the fact of such trade taking place. Although you have described you called just about every major market move in the last 14 years, never once in your posts do you describe a trade before it happens and make a call in real time. You also never lose a single penny on a trade. You say you do not do this because you do not wish to help the "chronics" as you call them, yet have no problem posting about making a 300% gain after it happens. Why bother? How do you tell these people in one sentence you will not give them a 300% winning trade before it happens because they are crazy, yet in the next sentence tell them about how much money you make? You do this..because you have no other choice. You do this because you are mentally disturbed. The more and more you post, the more obvious it becomes to others. You do not make profits of 300% a day. You do not have millions of dollars. With a trading success rate and rates of return as you describe, assets that you describe and calling every major market top and bottom, you would be working at a world renowned hedge fund. You would be in the Wall St. Journal as one of the most prolific and respected traders in history. You would be on television, and have vast fame. But we all know this is not the case, because if it was, you certainly would not be seeking admiration from anonymous people! You are most likely a low ranking member of society, so depressed by your short comings and misfortunes you have no other outlet to feel important except post random bursts of psychological desire to feel special on a message board. It really is quite sad, and I feel bad for you.

    In reading your work, you always seem to write about how "you called this, you called that". Yet, in reading the posts, you do not call anything. All you do is write about how you called it, yet there are no posts about what you actually call!

    I would highly recommend that you seek professional help in an immediate and prompt fashion to address your multiple psychological disorders. There are numerous outlets available to you to seek treatment, even if you cannot afford it. In the end, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Once you do that, the rest will fall into place and you will come back to society a better human being.

    All the best.


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