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  • baecorine baecorine Jan 15, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    Obama to speak on Gun Control

    More than 4 years after the meltdown of the financial system and we still have no reform. As a matter of fact we are delaying it for years now. Not one banker accused of a crime even though the government sued the banks for fraud. Apparently fraud is no longer a criminal act.

    One month ago we had a shooting and already the hammer is going to come down on law abiding gun owners. No delay here, no negotiating, no sir. This government moves very swiftly to take away your rights and to criminalize the possession of certain guns or magazines that are perfectly legal now. The same thing happened after 9/11, bush enacted the Patriot act which suspends your 4th amendment rights, Congress just extended it for Obama for 4 more years.

    So when terrorists fly planes in to buildings you lose your rights. When a nut case shoots kids in a school, tens of millions of gun owners have there rights diminished or taken away. Why not go all the way and take everyone's car away the next time someone is killed by a drunk or crazed driver.

    What people fail to understand is that the government is using tragedy to take rights away from all of us. If we keep allowing this to happen, one day they will come and round us up to be shipped off to camps. I am so disturbed by how indifferent people are to having their rights taken away. Some states are fighting back like those who legalized marijuana. The federal government is treading on very thin ice with the people and states. Since 9/11 there is an agenda to take away the rights of our citizens and it is picking up steam. One day the government will search your home, take your guns, seize your property, take you money and ship you off to labor camps or jail. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Could never happen in our country, right? Go ask Jews who live in Europe in the early 30's if they thought they would be sent to concentration camps and murdered only a few years later. They would have laughed you out of town and called you crazy. Knowing what we know now, does it sound crazy or impossible? Did you think it possible that the WTC would be attacked? When you saw those buildings crumble, you were in shock.

    Americans need to wake up and see what is happening. The 1% are very afraid of the 99% and they intend to use this government to strip you of your rights and your guns. They will spy on you and make sure you are defenseless. Mark my words, within one year the police will come to your home to search for banned guns and magazines without warning or probable cause. No court will defend your rights because you won't have any which makes you a criminal. The next right they will attack is freedom of speech in the interest of protecting the public of course. Then comes religion, government will label certain religions or groups as a threat to our security and ban them. You are being told what size soft drink you are allowed to buy, give it a few more years and they will force you to abort female children to stem population growth like the Chinese do. Just go right ahead and let the government take one right after another away from you without a fight, before you know it all your freedom will be gone.

    Gun lover or not, please understand that the issue here is freedom that was given to us by our founding fathers in the Bill of Rights. Do not allow the Federal government to take away or diminish any of your rights because they will take them all away from you eventually.

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    • Christians need to be prepping for a crack down because government cannot allow another king to take its place - many who profess Christ will no doubt fall away for sake of comfort - this is why its so important for Christians such as myself to start shedding the grid as much as possible so we arent tempted to deny Christ for sake of that comfort - as we shed the world and the things in the world drawing nigh unto the LORD the LORD rewards us and draws nigh unto us - and at some point a line in the sand will be drawn for Christianity rest assured, as it is even now already drawn for individual Christians

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      • I think we all know we have lost our freedoms. Many of us have no jobs nor do many of us have any family. I will not take on a tank nor will I take any actions against those who wish ill will. I am exhausted from life and what corporate america has offered us. It has given me pure hell. Its hard for me to fathom the idea of standing up to a tank and a bunch of armed thugs. I figure I will let them have everything they want. i wont be a slave. But when corporate America takes everything they will now own us. Fight or flight. I choose to die at my own hands than be a slave again.

    • Great post. There will be blood in the streets when people refuse to give up their guns.

    • Nope. I wasn't in shock for how the buildings were imploded, because I worked for the Alaska DOT/PF. And when I was a teen, someone with a degree taught me, as he was studying for his tst of explosives, what the answers were. I never thought I forward that whatever encounter, into something worth listening to Myself to.

      Thanks, C.

      • 2 Replies to czarinaofcamelyacht
      • Yep. And Nope, I won't give you the mixes he studied for. BTW, Nothinhg happens over the course of 24 hours; especially when one is working with explosives.

        Which totally denigrates the "Pull It Larry" take down, from the media perspective.
        I learned, from age 14, how very careful one has to be with handling them, and not just in a firecracker/fireworks media.

        I also saw every move, and watched the rest.

        I heard that being a photog of some people was the way to make $ in L.A.

        I value my privacy, but did see that it was up for sale.

        And I'm a Very Common Woman,

        So be it,

      • What I did notice was that none of you trolls took aim at me on this. Y'all do know that I know what I'm talkin' 'bout, and to me, that is noteworthy. Sometime, people from small towns do know more than you; even if your education is humps and bumps over theirs.

        I'm very sure that you are much more educated than I am; it's never an issue for me.

    • Good post.

      Its the liberal states like NY and CA that are passing these absurd laws. I feel sorry for any gun owners in those states.

      A civil is coming...

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      • I live in NY. I'm already restricted to 10 round magazines and to buy a pistol you need a permit and a judge's approval. Now they want to reduce that to 7 rounds which means all my magazines will be illegal and no one makes 7 round magazines for any of my guns. It will be a crime to possess any magazines over 7 rounds. Can you believe that? So I would be a criminal for having something I've owned for 15 years. They will give us 1 year to sell our magazines out of state, after that if they are "found in your home" you will be charged criminally.

        I hate this state already, I live here because my business is here. This is the last straw for me though. I will move my business, sell my house and NY can go pound salt. No more 75 income tax, no more 8.125% sales tax, my 7 employees can move with me or go look for another job. No more spending money in my community, nada, nothing. I should have left years ago. the state is a dump anyway, filthy, run down and we are over taxed and regulated. Tennessee sounds real good to me. I talked to my family about it already and we decided it is time to get the F out of NY.

      • *civil war

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