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  • hedgehog25 hedgehog25 Jan 30, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Where's Ben?

    Stocks are tanking after his latest pep speech. It's after 3:30, isn't this the time for the obligatory mysterious furious rally into the close to materialize out of nowhere? The PPT is going to swoop in and save the day at the end as always, right? Everyone is counting on it, that's what always happens. Didn't Goldman Sucks and JP Morgan Chase-the-rally get the memo from their benefactor to start pumping their free money into the market to paint the chart green so the Fed doesn't look bad?

    Come on, hurry up. Almost 3:40 now, not much time left. Why is it still tanking? That's not supposed to happen. And what's up with the VIX, isn't it supposed to close under 14 every day? Where's Ben? Did he go home early?

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    • Whaaaaaa....? Under 150? That wasn't supposed to happen! Come on, Ben, where are you?


      Benny ol' *are* coming to save the marker today, aren't you? You always do!


      Hurry up, there's only a few minutes left! Quit dawdling!


      Come on, this isn't funny anymore!!

    • The numbers don't lie....I don't care how they spin it, GDP contracted. One more quarter of negative growth, and it's called a recession.

      The question isn't where's Ben, it's where's IBDman? Today just may have been the top....or not. Oh wait, forget it, they're still supporting it over 1500.....

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