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  • snowman4434 snowman4434 Feb 3, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    MF Global customers may recieve 100% of their money back?

    The bonds matured whole, why not all off it? Right now they plan to give 93% of their money back, with the hope of 100%. What happened to the hedge fund guy who raised a stink about it.
    Mr. Desai credits the turnaround to Mr. Giddens and James L. Koutoulas, a Chicago hedge fund manager who became a voice for thousands of customers whose money disappeared.

    While Mr. Koutoulas continues to fight, it has come with collateral damage. After he appeared on CNBC in 2011 to criticize JPMorgan Chase over its role in the bankruptcy, the bank closed his account and froze his credit card. The bank declined to comment.

    I guess JP still doing whatever they want, home of the London Whale.

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      =Feb 3, 2013
      Match the following --- when you have some free time

      Top 5 families
      Corleone Family
      Barzini Family
      Carmine Rosato Family
      Stracci family
      Tattaglia crime family

      Top 5 Banks in the US
      J.P.Morgan Chase & Co
      Bank of America Corp
      Wells Fargo & Company
      Goldman Sachs Group

      Did you ever wonder how they were asking P O L I T E questions to Mr Jamie Dimon about London Whale saga?

      Do you find it odd -- that any talking head coming on the tube is always praising Mr. Dimon and his work?

      Even the cops never said anything bad about my Don Corleone!!!

      God Bless America!!!

    • As regulators closed in on the fraud, Wasendorf made a botched suicide attempt outside his $24-million headquarters in Cedar Falls, Iowa, which investigators say was financed with money siphoned from customers.

      Peregrine Financial, known as PFGBest, quickly collapsed, and 24,000 former customers are still missing most of the money they had invested with the firm.

      Wasendorf pleaded guilty in September to embezzling more than $100 million.

      U.S. prosecutors say the large loss, the sophisticated nature of the crime, and the sheer number of victims justify Wasendorf spending the rest of his life behind bars.

      I guess this guy does not know the right people?

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