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  • golfrattt2000 golfrattt2000 Feb 3, 2013 11:12 PM Flag

    Frankly, i'm amazed that no sovereigns have responded to Ben's massive printing..

    The position that it puts countries doing business with a much stronger Euro is enormous, reminds me of how the SNB was put in the position to weaken the Franc when the euro was weakening and everyone rushed into the Swiss currency...

    It put heavy pressure on Swiss exporters and forced the SNB to print Francs...

    Looking thru the Forex trading community, the current consensus is thinking that the Euro tops out @ 1.3750...

    We will see....

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    • Bernanke does not seem to care what he is doing, he is hell bent on destroying the $.....Maybe that has been the plan the entire time, one world currency ! Scary, but there is no way ever to pay off our COUNTRIES debt now, NONE !

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      • I'm further amazed at the hellbent effort to inflate the market at these levels, but not surprised when you understand why they have to...

        It's one hell of a lab experiment, unprecedented and with no historical evidence that efforts like these have ever worked..

        The Gov/Fed, imo, is incredibly desperate. ANY global or domestic anomaly can neutralize or bring down everything they've spent to inflate and hold up our economy..

        The 'explaining away' of the negative GDP print was easily the greatest act of desperation since this whole disaster began..

        It's symptomatic of an economy that, despite ALL the trillions the Fed has invested in treasuries and mbs to suppress rates, is now on the verge of letting the whole thing get away from them..

        Not to mention a balance sheet full of the same that they, somehow, have to unwind into market with rising rates...

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