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  • cwtripps cwtripps Feb 5, 2013 9:10 PM Flag

    Kiss of death cramer back with his new candies--- fang

    All massive 2000 ish shorts


    All will be cut in half

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    • GOOG might be only one that might be not as bad...

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      • NFLX is looking juciy. Ths stock will eventually trade in single digits. I will be buying PUTS soon, just hope they juice it up a bit more, anything close to 200 and I am going short.

        AMZN and GOOG I will stay away from period in either direction. FB is a flop, can short that anytime now. I doubt it will exist in a few years and for that matter any social media stock is a short.

        I did buy 1/4 position in AAPL yesterday, talk about stupid. AAPL is a cash cow and getting whacked while these other pigs fly. Usually indicates a top is soon. Still imo AAPL is the best value out there and now is a good time to buy even if the market takes a hit. I will every add 25 points as it goes higher or add every 50 points lower. 350 AAPL would be wonderful but today may have marked a turn about. If AAPL does what I think they are going to do with AppleTV its a whole new ballgame. A change equiv to Ipod for audio.

      • Thats the point theyre all near or above all time highs to bubble pe levels

        Amzn at 5000 pe in a terrible report.

        The monkey was told to pump again so they can sell

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