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  • golfrattt2000 golfrattt2000 Feb 12, 2013 11:02 PM Flag

    SOTU; I had no idea you could compress so many lies into such a short time span..

    Where do you even start..?? and slamming the 'won't cost a dime' call is too easy...

    $9/min wage..? No more jobs for youths, noone will pay it. Hire seniors exclusively, especially ones drawing SS... don't have to pay for their health care, either..

    Famous last words: Gov't doesn;t need to be bigger, it needs to be biggerer...???

    We're adding jobs, but not enough FT jobs..?? How about ANY..??

    Housing is coming back..?? And how long until Banks decide to release some of that shadow inventory..?? And how do rising interest rates HELP HOUSING PRICES..??

    The stock market's rebounding..?? You're right it is. Venezuela just devalued their currency by 46%. Now all we need is for Europe to get back on the train. All aboard..!!

    Manufacturing JOBS coming back tot he US..? Why..? Did minimum wage just get lowered to $6..???

    And that -.1 negative GDP number..?? No, we're better than that. Besides, our models say that number is PHOOEY..!! We're rebounding as a country..!

    The GREATEST country the WORLD has ever seen....!!

    In reality, the greatest slow-motion COLLAPSE the world will ever see since the collapse of the Roman Empire....

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    • Raising the minimum wages does two things. It brings in more tax dollars to the government which is what Obama wants and it raises the standard of living for the poorest workers in this country. Let's be honest, after 5 years the minimum wage should be raised. Large companies like Walmart, Starbucks, Home Depot along with millions of retail and food service businesses have made huge profits due to cheap labor. People can't even afford to own a car, pay insurance and gas to get to those jobs. Even at $9/hr. you are talking $360/week gross pay for 40 hours of work, not exactly a living wage. Those people work just as hard as most people, half the country is stuck working minimum wage jobs simply because there are no other jobs to be had. You or I wouldn't think of working for that and I would be ashamed to have someone working for me at minimum wage.

      Those jobs used to be for students and housewives looking for a little extra money, they were never meant to be full time jobs for adults. in the last 30 years we have lost tens of millions of good jobs to Asia and Latin America which were replaced with retail jobs. I think these retail and service industries can well afford to pay better wages, $18k a year for full time work isn't going to break them. Maybe the management could cut back a little on their huge bonuses and stock options. Earnings keep going up but the workers haven't seen a raise in 5 years, we should be ashamed as a country to make people work for under $8/hr.

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