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  • grmcox Feb 15, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    Wallmart is BSing

    About the reason why sales fell off a cliff in Feb. Maybe the shi$ is finally hitting the fan with the consumer.

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    • Damn right it is!! I wrote a post here last week about how much the cost of living has increased relative to income level. Can't have a propped up market with OVERPRICED oil, food, commodities,...etc. and not eventually have the consumer hit the wall. Everyone i know is complaining about no money left at end of month anymore!! Stupid policy of "inflate, inflate, inflate" is now at it's breaking point. The general public would have been much better off in the long run if markets were allowed to correct and deflation keep prices lower, now everyone is in debt up to thier eyeballs, and tapped out. Game over!

    • WMT probably is looking for the answer, and hoping it will come from above; i.e., the sky.

      Lack of sales/customers had nothing to do with their merchandise, or their prices; folks are simply making do on less, and have to to trade down to the dollar stores. And I mean the REAL dollar stores, where everything is $1, or less.

      The Family Dollar store I went to in Charlotte, NC had some shelf prices that were the same or above that of other retailers in the area, and were not even close to the One Dollar price point, which their name implies.

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