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  • veloocity2000 veloocity2000 Feb 25, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    This is SERIOUSLY all you need to know ...

    One of the more accurate Posts retrieved from a financial Blogg site .... As long as Bernanke is chairman of the FED the market will NEVER sell off more than a few %. It's a rigged deck. He has destroyed the concept of price discovery, he has enabled predatory algorithms to gun buy programs indiscriminately across all asset classes, he has wreaked massive asset inflation that is hidden from the official inflation stats through his profligate and destructive money printing to monetize the US deficit, he has engineered a $5 trillion transfer of capital from productive economic use into the bailout of a few dozen jumbo, insolvent CRIMINAL Wall Street and European banks, and he has manipulated the capital markets in order to make a policy statement to justify has financial crimes. He should be in a prisoners' dock in the Hague rather than in D.C. destroying the middle class and elderly savers for generations to come. And shame on US for not standing up to him and the gutless puppets in both political crime syndicates and saying NO MORE!

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    • Wonderful day, really wonderful. Now if we could just hear Bernanke was arrested for child porn, it could not get any better!


    • UTOH ... Berlusconi gains in Polls, how perfect that a two-time 'convicted Felon' will regain power in Italy!

    • If you have not already noticed ... the Dow is now less than 100 points form an ALL TIME HIGH! In this economy, with Europe and less than a week from Sequesteration. Unbelievable is an understatement.

    • It will be interesting to see what future generations will say about this period
      of DEBT creation, high inflation and high unemployment.

      After all, the future generations will be paying for this experiment.

    • xtgeminiman Feb 25, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

      Ben is a celebrity though. I'm surprised CNBC's papparazzi isn't following him before his big congressional inquiry and San Francisco speech this week.

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      • Overall, I'd say 'it's a start".

      • Every hour CNBC mentions "opportunity of a lifetime'.

      • This Market is FULL of Lunatics' fueled by Ben Bernanke's self-interest-agenda and glamorization of Wall Street that will certainly go down in history as one of the darkest periods 'ever' for "free market capitalism". Never has there been such an intensive effort to glorify and reward the very same people that premeditatively destroyed more private wealth than any previous nation on earth. As bizarre as this sounds, the only comparison that can be factually made would be the rise of Hitler’s Germany whereas an entire Continent was brought to its knees by a madman; for me, Bernanke's agenda is frankly no different -- this man will destroy an entire generation just as he has split American society into the "those that have and those that will not". Bernanke is indeed a 'financial terrorist' and the results of his Grand Plan are taking hold everyday as he 'prints' his New World Order! You may not think it now but I guarantee you, if Bernanke's Regime continues he will indeed 'deliver' an entire nation into the hands of the most corrupt and disingenuous people on this planet … WALL STREET BANKERS!

        Since March 2009 Bernanke has essentially lead a group (known as mindless buttlickers) into sanctioning the greatest money printing scheme in the history of the known civilized world. In just over 3 years he has placed upon the backs of ‘every person’ in America over $52,000 dollars in debt … that’s every man, woman and child. He has destroyed the entire ‘value of savings’ for a generation … millions of people. Has called the “doubling’ of a gallon a gas transitory along with nearly a triple in basic food costs and energy. He has orchestrated the placement of more than $3+ TRILLION DOLLARS onto the ‘balance sheets’ of the richest people in the history of this country, that’s the richest people ever! He has covertly managed through ‘depository swaps’ the funding of virtually every ‘failed’ bank in Europe including those found guilty of ‘money laundering for terrorist, fraud, weapons sales to Regimes supporting genocide, illegal drug consortiums and those literally responsible for the murder of millions of children.’ He has labeled his ‘sick agenda’ as ‘stimulus’ claiming publically … “I regret that some will be harmed by our actions but ‘it’ is for the future benefit of the greater good’ … whatever the hell that is suppose to mean!

    • I would agree all this is about getting more money to banks other than through bailouts and preparing their balance sheets for a possible major financial disaster.

    • Safe to say, at this point any 'real' economic recovery would cause a global depression.

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