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  • susiesweatsocks susiesweatsocks Mar 6, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    bagholders will be going, oh yeah, i should of realized i was high on highs, and thought out sequester

    what is happening will spiral downward, not upward. companies make all of the products for the government. the companies are going to lose their biggest company, practically across the board. it is not about selling overseas, unless you are talking military purchases. the john deere's will not stop the bleeding. it is so obvious what is coming. and it is just beginning. nope, i am holding the puts and vixes i bought yesterday. this is very close to the top, and even if it climbs, it will fall way below here.

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    • Don't miss 10% more upside because you got to give back 2%. There will be plenty of time to exit. this is a different market with the Fed watching over it.

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      • fed has been at it for five years and federal receipts are the same as 13 years ago. it is about an intrinsic collapse in fiscal receipts. i was right in august of 2007, off just a few weeks. i just see what is going on that counts. the federal cutback will affect all companies, and all stocks, except the federal reserve profits will continue to skyrocket. do you have stock in the federal reserve? that is the one safe stock, until the nation kicks the aristocrats out of the nation.

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