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  • veloocity2000 veloocity2000 Mar 8, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    BETTER=than-EXPECTED has been replaced with "MORE ROOM TO RUN"


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    • There is ALWAYS "more room to run" when there's no overhead resistance. For those of you who think the Fed (or PPT, or Santa Claus) have been targeting equity prices, why would you expect something other than what is happening right now? Your very thesis says this was the plan. Did you think they would fail in achieving the target you thought they had?

      Please do not interpret this as bullishness. We Broggs trade what's on the tape. We do not trade conspiracy theories, or a bunch of clowns paraded on a TV screen, or a newspaper where they tell you precisely what you already know if you're paying attention (if you have no edge but the likes of the verbiage in IBD when the action is over, you might as well just tune in to Sports Center).

      This particular Brogg saw some VERY good shinola at the tail end of the session and is looking forward to Sunday evening.

      Everyone have a good weekend. Stop hating. Stop obsessing. I think it's fair to say everyone here is a PRICE TAKER. No amount of smack talking will turn you into a PRICE MAKER, and if you don't like that, you'd better hang up your trading spurs. Railing against the Fed or anyone else won't make you a better trader --- it merely distracts you from your actual objective, which is to take money out of the market fluctuations.

      If you're actually an investor, that's a very different story, but whining about this being a casino won't change that either. If you're INVESTING, then you have to make predictions about how your companies are going to do, and you have to ignore the day to day noise that is the stock in trade of TRADERS.

      Ask Adam/Jane how well his confusion over being THE ORIGINAL SOES BANDIT vs. a GEORGE SOROS WANNABE is working out for him.

      Take a tip from Morita: Know your purpose, feel your feelings (but only use them as a contrary indicator), do the next thing!

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