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  • hairy_bunghole_licker hairy_bunghole_licker Mar 13, 2013 3:14 PM Flag



    if they pray to god and nothing happens, and the sick person dies, then it was "god's will that he/she die". if the sick person gets better then it's a "miracle" LOL! either way they got it covered. what a joke!

    funny also that every single religious book out there is thousands of years old so impossible to verify today. also, back when those books were written humans were as ignorant as animals. they'd stone people, they thought the flu was a devils curse, they burned women as witches if they acted like a 'natural path', they killed gay people, they thought fruit and vegetables were provided by the sun god(s), and etc, etc, etc. Can you imagine living your life today in this information day and age based on what some ignorant gorilla human thought back then? LMFAO! now that's pure ignorance!

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