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  • greenbrier45656 greenbrier45656 Mar 18, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

    Too funny! Kibbles is suddenly long after "island reversal" call!

    What a idiot and a liar!

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    • I'm not sure whether you guys are dealing with the "real" Qweeeeebawls or he really did get the boot and this is an imposter, but no matter, I've had him on ignore for a couple of months. There's only so much of his monotonous horse excrement one can find amusing. Q

    • he has never lost a trade. he bought apple at 7, shorted it at 700 and rebought at 419.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • He's just that good baby!
      He can misdiagnose an island top and then knows when to ignore his own misdiagnosis

      Friday closed within Thursday's range, almost closed at the same price in fact which negates Friday's minor gap down as an island top

      an island top is complete when a breakdown gap with NO closing of the gap occurs and gets pushed further down in the following days! That first part did NOT happen Friday.

      Thus . . . NO island top happened on Friday.

      Now, if we dont close the gap today and push further down THEN you have an island top. With Thursday and Friday as the island top, this morning as the gap down and then the further push below completing the formation. It's really not that hard, but kibbles being kibbles, stepped in it, trying to act like he is worthy of any respect.

      But kibbles wanted to act like he knows all and claimed to have called it on Friday which is impossible.

      Add it to the list of endless BS kibbles has posted

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      • when he tries to weasel out of his claim, here's the exact text he posted last night, he refuses to acknowledge that Friday closed the gap to the point it almost surpassed Thursday's close, thus negating the formation.

        market.kibble•12 hours agoFlag

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        i posted that last week.
        and fyi, the market gapped up big thursday,
        and then gapped down big friday,
        creating..... an island top.
        ... More

    • You don't understand......being able to predict what has already taken place makes Kib a world class after the fact paper trader. A legend in his own mind. He is such a sicko he really believes his own b***s.

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