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  • sstillen sstillen Mar 18, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    its actually going to go green on this ROTTEN news frm Cyrus and U.S. Homebuilding #'s !

    Can the government make it ANY more obvious they are manipulating this market !!!! This are bad folks , or else they would not need to do this, they are worried a total stock melt down will occur if they allow ANY decline to get tghe slightest of momentum going....if things were good , or even half good , a normal market would have corrected by now.....some thing is VERY wrong , and the government is worried U.S. investors will stop throwing $ at the market , and another absolute meltdown will take place - and me thinks this economy cant handle that right now

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    • well yeah, home builders etf is positive.....what are st&pid.....lumber liquidators is green to from down 1.5%.
      o you people neva learn...its over ,free markets that is,stocks will continue to rise as taxes,inflation and steeling of 99% of peoples money continues till the whole thing collapses over night ,somtime ,who knows when,but the 1% will know when,by that time you"ll zero usd to shrt with and anyhow all trading and ira accounts will be goverment property,gold too......nice knowing you moving to rain forest

    • A client called his broker inquiring about egg futures and is quoted a price of 25 cents per contract. Having a hunch about the egg market he buys 100 contracts. A week later he calls his broker to get a quote. Pleased to learn that the price of eggs has risen to 35 cents he decides to buy another 1,000 contracts. A few days later, eager to check on the progress of his investment, he is amazed to learn that the price has now risen to 50 cents per contract, twice the price he paid for his original 100 contracts. Sensing a trend, he steps it up, this time buying 100,000 contracts. The next day, ecstatic to learn that egg prices have now risen to 65 cents, he gets even more aggressive, buying 1,000,000 contracts. Sure enough, the following day the price of eggs rises to 95 cents, prompting him to order an additional million contracts. The day after that, as rising prices further validate his intuition, he buys yet another million contracts, this time paying $1.25.

      The next day, with egg contracts trading at $1.75, he senses that the market has risen too far too fast, and places an order to sell 2,000,000 contracts. After a pregnant pause his broker replies, “Sell to whom, you’re the egg man”.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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