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  • audioprecision1996 audioprecision1996 Mar 24, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    I start shorting when SPY hits $185 this summer

    Ben prints $85 billion a month. That is roughly $1T a year.
    QE1 was 1.2T and pushed the market up 50% from the lows.

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    • If you draw a line from the early 2000 top of the SPX, across the late 2007 top, that line is currently right at 1600 with a very shallow upward slope, almost imperceptible. I could see one more push to that line allowing the pros to suck in a last bit of retail money, but a lot of momentum will have been used up testing that line, against a backdrop of much uncertainty. I would bet (and have) that from here, or from somewhere between here and 1600, we see a meaningful pullback before going to the levels you speak of (1850). And I am not sure we see that kind of level before we have our next president in the white house, but certainly not before next year. Imo

    • Only difference,,, the rest of the EU and Asia wasn't in Crash mode with most EU banks being insolvent and China about to land very hard with bubble busting

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