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  • eyeinthesky2013 eyeinthesky2013 Apr 5, 2013 7:56 PM Flag

    Why Does This Board Hate Smart People?


    I have been posting on this board for three weeks now and it appears that this board caters to disfunctional and uneducated people. Why is that? There are many smart people on this board but they seem to be marginalized by an aggresive "dumb down" element. What am I missing? Have I stumbled into a snake pit?

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    • ".NYCTOM_2000, go back to Facebook or post under your real account like a man."

      We don't. :(

    • Take the best people can offer and be happy for that. if this board does not suit you then move, why waste your time, some comment are good other, not so what. Good luck

    • Never underestimate the power of your opponent.

      Every poster shows a bit of hand. Take note.

    • That's what we do in this country--and it's dysfunctional with a -y.

    • Lol anyone ever teach uu how to read a chart bud?? Mkt don't only go one way lol

    • Let me know if a stock or SPY is going up or down or sideways on Monday. Save the rest of that for your girlfriend or boyfriend as the case may be. If you are worried about people hating you, seek out a professional or just grow up.

    • I have a better suggestion... head over to the AIXG board and bask in the glow of superior intelligence. I believe there are aliens there who can shed much insight into the functioning of this world if you are good at deciphering encrypted transmissions. Be sure to say hi to the czar and eat some muffins while you're there.

    • You obviously don't get around much.... the discussions on this board are far superior to and much more relevant than those on most of the other yahoo stock message boards I visit. You sir appear to be a snake in disguise... no one cares to be lectured about what is supposedly smart and what is dumb. I suggest you go visit the DUK board and then come back here and apologize for posting this comment.

    • My dear fellow Compadre', picture if you will a mule,run haggard and dry,whipped interminably,
      barely able after years of incredulous cruelty inflicted upon it able to hold it's head aloft
      but more importantly, it's very soul,shattered beyond recognition,leaving but a remnant of the previous being behind.
      Now, transfer that image to the inhabitants of this and other message boards.
      Where instead of the mule you transfix the image of the real life ghosts of former men
      inhabiting these boards.
      Men, so beaten down, and brainwashed by the man, that they are no longer capable of intelligent,
      equivocation of dialogue.
      Thus, they have been stricken incapable of normal,if you will, reciprocity.
      Of granting upon others due regards for deeds they have not accomplished.
      Such is not only the fate of the inhabitants of these message boards,
      but I grant you, of men all over this world.
      Who, have all suffered the same ill fate.

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      • continued.......

        it's not that they "hate" per se' but naturally and unequivocally ,run counter intuitive to those they perceive as superior. Be it in the matter of terminology,linguistics,grammar,learned intelligence,or other,is irrelevant, as long as that person is deemed an outsider, or different, from them.

        Mind you, these message boards are inhabited primarily by those disenfranchised, cast off of,
        or dually dissociated from society at large;
        this then demanding the adherence to the phrase originated in Soviet Russia
        and it's dual interpretation applied to all residing within of the "Internat";
        the home for wayward orphans and social misfits who were interred within it's gates.

        Thus,any perceived hate ,directed at so named "smart people",isn't as it appears,
        but is only a defense mechanism,employed by the disenfranchised beaten down slaves,
        in full gear.
        Which though coming naturally to them,is disheartening to others,such as yourself.

        All in all, as applies to everything;
        it is what it is.

    • xtgeminiman Apr 5, 2013 8:00 PM Flag

      NYCTOM_2000, go back to Facebook or post under your real account like a man.

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