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  • market.kibble market.kibble Apr 5, 2013 9:04 PM Flag

    for two weeks now i repeatedly pointed out the weakness in betas


    specifically aapl.

    now, that was before the massive fold over and slam down.

    when aapl was super weak as spy was ramping into eoq, that really got my attention.

    i repeatedly pointed it out.

    of course, i backed it up too.

    look, it's up to you to put it together.

    it's not gd job to toss out trades at every turn.

    use your brain.

    use the courtesy heads up and what that significant relative weakness meant.

    having a leading large cap beta repeatedly closing at lod while spy was closing at hod and making all time highs was a freaking clue.

    the moment market turned down the betas lost it big time. that's what happens to weak stocks when markets turns down.

    aapl tossed out mega payday for those who heeded that very significant relative weakness.

    next was nflx.

    nflx got hard capped and set a double top and got body slammed back down.

    nflx too was very weak to marekt and closing at lod while spy ramped higher.

    that too, was a very big tell. i pointed it out too. i heed that type action.

    nflx promptly lost it big when market turned back down to start new qtr.

    that's what happens to weak stocks.

    next was goog,

    goog too was very weak to market as marekt ramped higher yesterday.

    goog was hanging on by a thread to its critical highside support.

    and today was the end result of that significant relative weakness.

    i keep pointing this out. i keep giving courtesy heads up.

    but it's up to you to put it together.

    i have no interest in endlessly feeding a bunch of braind dead zombies.

    figure it out.

    this was a MEGA pay day past two weeks.

    right down to the end of week eod short covering rally.


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    • Nice call was with ya, covered in am. With regard to aapl, I have stated repeatedly although in different genre. In that it is not just a play with it but an overall long term price raid. In arbitrage it is called a price raid and in steve jobs case a venture one. In this market's mo, though with what the banks HAVE to have to complete derivatives contracts it is especially so, and that term applies to what has happened to aapl to serve these contracts. A huge one was probably put into place to drive down the stock, take out the money from the holders and transfer it over to the others that actually pay for the calls on the ndx. This would also come into play when the funds were needed to buy back the index. Presto, there you have it, a consistently under performing most widely held stock and an overall market hitting new highs. The is how most people are getting screwed in owning stocks that are underperforming the indexes while the few leaders are not in their portfolios. If asked people are ALWAYS told that stock is not on our LIST and we won't buy it for you.

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