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  • jbooooie jbooooie Apr 11, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

    Goldman Sachs

    #$%$! Anyone else see the puke piece they did on the already beaten down price of gold.

    Goldman Sachs lowered its forecast for gold. Again, yesterday. Am I the only person who posts on this board who thinks Goldman Sachs is working with the FOMC to step on gold, like JPM did for them with silver. Huh?

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    • Bumped for hugh_looser.

    • In April someone or some huge fund unloaded 20 Billion dollars worth of GLD in two days. Can anyone think of anybody besides Ben who would want to drop the price of gold more. Huh?

    • This massive shorting of gold and silver have the FOMC's name all over it. Huh?

    • Is CNBC in love with these guys, or what? Here's another BS headline.

      Goldman Sees 'Gradual Rotation' Into Stocks

      Calls earlier in the year for a "great rotation" into stocks from fixed income may have been a little premature, but Goldman Sachs' replacement for Jim O'Neill says there will be a "gradual rotation" and money will move back into stocks eventually.

      When was the last time the index's were up this much YTD by May 21? Now GS CNBC and Yahoo tells us about a move into stocks that's, gradual rotation, eventually. Huh?

    • Latest scandals, AP, IRS, and the ongoing BS with Benghazi Lybia. So sure it makes sense that all the word just went all in again on another round of easing, and gold mining stocks are getting hammered while banks and builders are getting bid up. Huh?

    • By Joseph Ax

      NEW YORK | Tue May 7, 2013 2:49pm EDT

      NEW YORK (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) must face fraud claims brought by CIFG Assurance North America CADEGA.UL over insurance it provided for $275 million in mortgage-backed securities, a New York state appeals court ruled on Tuesday.

      CIFG claimed in a 2011 lawsuit that the investment bank fraudulently induced it to provide insurance for a portfolio of more than 6,000 subprime residential mortgages by concealing the shoddy quality of the loans.

    • goldman is probably right , the gold is too high , the interest rates move up a bit and gold falls below 1,000.
      A bond collapse could cause interest rates to go up for instance. Getting 1.75 for 10 years you have to be a dummy to take the risk now. Plus all the " experts " are now saying you could get hurt bad now in long term bonds. Soon bernake will be the only one buying and its up the rates or the usa goes broke .

    • Update

      Published: Wednesday, 8 May 2013 | 11:41 AM ET
      Gold extended gains on Wednesday as the dollar weakened and robust physical demand offset negative pressures from strong equity markets and a drop in exchange-traded fund holdings to their lowest in four years.

      The prospect of surging demand from China in coming months, after net gold inflows from Hong Kong hit a record in March, may further support bullion prices, which have been hurt by sagging investor confidence in the metal this year.

      "Stronger equities and ETF liquidation put pressure on prices yesterday, but also bolstered physical buying in Asia overnight," MKS Capital head of trading Afshin Nabavi said.

    • GOLDMAN SUX is incestuously ingrained in government. Top company and government people go back and forth all the time. Same with Pharm execs and FDA employees. Its all a game.

      ALL IMHO

    • When do they issue the sell call on financials. Never. Huh?

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