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  • silversplode silversplode Apr 17, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    OT.....Anyone tried out the Google Glass thingy?

    Just wondering if I should pony up the $1,500 for that. Looks like it would be pretty neat.

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    • OT but related. Any idea what the lenses are made of. Big fan of trading in and out of Dog Poo stocks.
      I have traded around a position in RBCN for more than 2 years now...been lucky it hasn't gone to zero...
      The few rips it has taken I made some decent money. I would really like them to get into the Consumer Glasses business, Upper Mobile phone market. Cree's cheaper LCD lights are only a bonus if they carry sapphire in them.

      Either way LCD business will slowly rise as the prices come down. My problem with that is it has commoditized the components.

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      • Hey, scootr
        No, I don't know what the lenses are made of . Maybe graphine?

        I thought it looked like a neat toy to have. Don't know if perhaps Goog is making a bad gamble putting so much into this project. Also I like the chromebook, but not sure it's sold well.

        Dog poo stock with potential is VRNG and it's on sale. Patent troll, involved with law suits, favorable judgements...vs. Goog, MSFT, ZTE to name a few.

        Share price will remain under pressure until actual payments arrive and royalty rates are etched in stone. Due Diligence a must.

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