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  • spx.trader spx.trader Apr 17, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    28th Amendment


    no Minarets... no Veils... speak English

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    • How about this for a 29th Amendment:

      "No simple-minded jingoistic Constituational amendments shall be proposed for public consideration in the United States or in the several states, nor shall any person possessing an intelligence quotient in excess of one standard deviation below the mean be permitted to propose any amendments to the Constitution of the United States."

      And a 30th:

      "No person within the United States shall troll financial message boards with off-topic political or social button-pushing, intending to, or having the predictable effect of, disrupting such message boards and subverting the topic of discussion."

      If we're going to try to use Constitutional amendents as a kind of "super-legislation" for granular and trivial matters, the amendments I've proposed are a lot more sensible and beneficial than yours, and would have the salutary effect of putting an end to your ability to propose any more amendments.

      Come to think of it, let's make those the 28th and 29th Amendments, respectively, since yours is too pointless and idiotic to be worthy of consideration.

      BTW, do you even realize that you're proposing making the Constitution inconsisent, by proposing an amendment that conflicts with an existing amendment? Or are you also proposing a repeal of the majority of the 1st Amendment (all if it except the right to assemble and to petition the the government)?

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      • wow ~~~ very nicely put and countered ~~ racial profiling will never solve the problem ~~~ if the Boston incident turns out to be a European transplant and white ~~~ would you throw out all of them and Churches? ~~~

        What times we live in ~~~ We have a financial terrorist in Ben Bernanke running around killing retires and savers ~~ then we assume that any terror attack is from a Muslim ~~ I personally have been friends with Muslims but my family would would ostracize me for marrying one ~~ but then you always treat a human with respect and believe, inherently they are good ~~~ whatever your beliefs maybe but at the end of the day the question is, "Do you have a good heart?" ~~~

        Secularism is a sign of intelligence and maturity ~~~ racial profiling and sand bagging is a sign of a degenerate and a #$%$ ~~~

        Your post makes me reaffirm my belief that humanity is good after all ~~~

      • amazing!

    • you can't ban minarets idiot. freedom of religion is a right in the USA. you should probably take your uneducated #$%$ somewhere else. true americans don't appreciate your stupidity.

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      • You sure about many Christmas events in schools have been canceled because someone with another religion complained. What about the post fifties pledge of allegiance cut out because under God was in it. That's freedom of religion? By banning or removing those things from our schools we are in theory teaching our kids less religious tolerance. Imo

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