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  • czarinaofcamelyacht czarinaofcamelyacht May 21, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    If the eCONomy is improving, and folks are being hired, etc.,

    Why are coal, steel, Alcoa, ECA, and probably many other nat resources stocks at or near incredible lows?

    Ya ain't gunna get the global party started on monopoly money tossed into the markets. When folks around the globe have a job and a project to work on, THEN a recovery is in progress, albeit, until the project is over.

    Obviously, it takes fewer folks to maintain a facility or a roadway than it does to build it.

    Folks buying apparel and expensive sneakers isn't going to create global growth.

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    • funmusic640 May 21, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

      Facts are hard to find. TBT, for example is usually green when DOW's up so big.

    • It's never been about the economy! More non-working people in the USA than ever before in HISTORY. Corporations, meanwhile, are RAKING IN MONEY... they are getting PAID by the FED NOT TO HIRE! Most people don't seem to understand this--worst of all being Bernanke.

      QE is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to the economy... why as a corporation would I want to waste money hiring employees to expand my business in an economy that isn't growing--WHEN THE FED promises to buy my stocks and put money in my pockets, AS LONG AS I HELP KEEP UNEMPLOYMENT ABOVE 6.5%

      Think about it!

    • Oh, you mean companies that produce tangible goods, real stuff? Nah, lets focus on the growth in ads, social media, all the intangibles that can't be verified and 99% of all internet activity is scamming, spamming, texting, porn, all useless. I guess we can all make a living selling ads to each other, no need to look at the real economy.

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      • Exactly. But I know a person who uses Living Social for deals. Only problem is: They get a BOGO or a 50% off X service, meal, etc., and rarely go back to that biz. So they don't become a regular customer, just a one hit check.

        Folks love a deal, and every day there's a new one in many marketing areas on Groupon and Living Social, and the rest of those cos.

        Most businesses could probably just announce their own Deal of the Day on their own website and use social media to send it out. Example: On Wednesdays, Your DD eats or has soft drinks for free! (based on a $X limit for food and soft drinks), with a bar tab of $X or more.

        Why pay a service when you can DIY?

    • if the economy is great then lets cut back on federal spending dramatically and bring interest rates back to a normal level that doesn't castigate seniors and savers so badly

      why not?

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