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  • hellbentforpleather hellbentforpleather May 23, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    CNBS trotting out every pumper they can find

    I would love to work them all over with a baseball bat!

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    • CNBC is nothing but a marketing channel for Wall Street to sell their worthless paper to the public. No serious investor listens to the garbage they spew on CNBC. 99% of what your hear on CNBC is lies and disinformation to create confusion and to lure suckers in.

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      • Well said. Thank you. I watched them for a year and lost a lot. It is better close your eyes and trde than watching them Stu#@pid tugs

      • watchdog005 May 23, 2013 3:22 PM Flag

        The stock market is rigged and the entire U.S. economy is doome to the ponsiz scheme even much worse then the Madoff ponzi. Get your guns because the end of the U.S. as we know it is near. Thats why the government wants your guns. Get used to living as slaves in FEMA camps after they confiscate your guns and your gold. Don't think they can take your gold think again. It has happened. And every people slaughtered by their government has had their guns confiscated. The government Department of homeland security loading up on 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point is meant for us. Don't trust this bogus Fed driven market rally. It's all a fake ponzi scheme. This country is bankrupt like Greece. The printing machine will destroy and not save us. Thanks Mr. Bubble Bernanke. The #$%$ going to be hanging from a bridge when it all ends in disaster and theres mass chaos and mobs of crazy desperate and hungry people running around. I hope you have your helicopter all gased up and ready to go helicopter Ben. No doubt the coward will bail out and be out of the country while we are all fighting for our lives to survive.

      • You have to be a special kind of filth to try and lure mom and pop in at the top. God they disgust me.

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