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  • pudshafted pudshafted Jun 10, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    Pentagon Papers' Ellsberg Says Snowden Saves Us From The "United Stasi Of America"


    I hope you all are paying attention and will stand behind this genuine hero.

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    • He will be found dead of appeaent suicide (five shots to the face w/ a .45) nothing to see here.

    • Snowden is extremely intelligent and articulate. Read his Forbes interview. It will scare the kibbles out of you!!

    • Political Left is now characterizing this guy as a traitor who has jeopardized national security.

      You can be sure he will be crucified in the media as a deterrent to anyone else who may even think about coming forward and telling the truth about what the Obama administration is up to.

      We've lost the country to a Leftist coup.

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      • While celebrating that "wiki leaks creep" as a national hero....priceless

      • Ahhh, the blathering starfish surfaces .... "what the Obama administration is up to"? Go back further than yesterday, fool! These programs started on 10/11/01 -- and for nearly five years, your essential liberties WERE compromised!! President Obama, upon election, didn't stop them as he thought he would -- like ALL new Presidents, when he got "the rest of the story", he understood the intelligence value.....however, he did immediately cease and desist from the illegal elements that Bush/Cheney?rove had crafted, he did implement the FISA structure and he did invite and encourage Congressional involvement and oversight. These programs have been reauthorized by Congress every three months since 2006. You remember 2006? We had a different President then! Funny, now, how so many Congressional members are saying they "didn't take the opportunity" to attend the briefings offered to Members. Unless they were "leadership", they skipped the briefings to attend the much more important campaign fundraisers. Get some facts straight before just pushing the "repeat talking points" button!!

    • I'm being cautious in jumping to any conclusions with Snowden. Ellsberg was the purest example of blowing a whistle on horrific lies and illegalities, and he did it as "right" as you can do something that difficult.

      Manning? Remains to be seen -- his motivation isn't really clear. Certainly not as morally pure as Ellsberg. His massive dump didn't focus on lies and illegalities as much as a blanket middle-finger to a military that had certainly crushed his spirit. Much tougher to judge that one.

      But Snowden? So far, everything he leaked was at least legitimate under existing law. The fact that the American people weren't aware of it? Duh -- that's why things are classified. I don't like the programs that were exposed, but I also understand that we live in different times since 9/11. I hate the Patriot Act, even as it was cleaned up in 2006 and again in 2008. I hate FISA. But I blame Congress for continuing to reauthorize these programs without having the debate the President rightly reminds us is important. You don't start that debate by compromising national security ... and at this point, that's all Snowden has done.

      What's interesting? When you get the clearance he holds? It's a pretty deep background check, NSA requires polygraph for nearly all of their clearance positions, yet nobody picked up this guys longstanding moral dilemma? Bzzzzt!! Process fail!!! I can tell you this; if a military member with that clearance had leaked these documents, they would a) already be in custody, and b), probably be there for a very (!!!!) long time. There is a clear understanding when you are granted that clearance that if you compromise that information intentionally, that is treason.

      If Snowden's actions turn out to really contain a revelation of a "big lie", ala Ellsberg, then I would grant him consideration as a legitimate whistleblower. From the information now available? He's a traitor.

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