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  • nogwabd nogwabd Jun 22, 2013 10:49 PM Flag

    the Ben QE Squeeze has just's Epic, even Biblical


    the ultimate irony and nobody seems to get it or even talk about it. Ben is the first Fed Chairman to actually play the market. Interest Rates are one thing, trying to control T-Bonds with Foreign Entities holding over 5 Trillion is a whole different can of worms. The long bond down 5% in a week is by itself epic....that's a 150 Billion lost for Ben and the Fed in five days.

    This is the same man that missed the housing bubble and financial crisis. He has created the ultimate Achilles Heel for the US. The Ultimate Terror Attack...China and Japan dump their T-Bonds...I guess we won't really know until 2043 when Ben can get out at "maturity." Everything will be fine because there is no risk of a downturn in the next thirty years.

    This is now scary. We spent over a Trillion to "save" Iraq and Afghanistan. If China dumped their Trillion in T-Bonds and played a 3X ETF like TMV...they win a war with a Trillion plus in profit. Welcome to the Brave New World...Snowden is an American Hero and the Fourth Amendment is a bygone dream.

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