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  • dr_2_cans dr_2_cans Jul 2, 2013 11:01 PM Flag

    China about to crack support on the Monthly chart

    FTSE SPX monthly 3x tops. Hang Seng uptrending support from the '08 bottom is cracking this month. A monthly close below 20,600 will confirm the breakdown. It is being tested now. SPX hourly chart has constructed a bearish parallel price channel, with price finding resistance at the 50% fib level. The top is in for equities. We have 2 lower highs in place now and the $ is about to break out to the upside. The ponzi scheme is over. The financial advisor, and his client cannot continue to get wealthy off the same $. What has happened is, the advisor has taken realized his money and is living a luxurious life, you are hoping to live his lifestyle when you turn 65. But it won't happen. That is the scheme. And when you panic sell on the way down, he will get even more commissions. Those that ride this down will lose it all and in the end make the financial advisor the richest he's every been. Great scheme, although the kids and grandkids of the baby boomers aren't buying this scheme. We won't be herded. Boomers, remember, you don't have jack until you hit the sell buttom and can hold the cash in your hand, until then it is phony make believe wealth and doesn't exist

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    • #$%$ you're a genius.

    • Hang Seng just broke critical support tonight. Is it too late to buy gold and silver? I would be stocking up on food and getting cash out the bank tomorrow

    • 1/2 of 1% of americans hold physical bullion in their possession. most americans have a car appliances electronics maybe a house. when #$%$ hits the fan, those will have no value because we will all try to get rid of them for the gold silver and clean water and food. price of metals will revalue. keep accumulating the physical and you'll be ok. great time to buy....on the way down. sell on the way up

    • $DAX also a 3x top. Everything you are saying will be obvious in a few years. But today, it isn't want the herd wants to hear. Their stock gains don't exist because they can't hold them in their hands and never will. Only the Fincance guy does. I agree. All of his clients pinch while he spends with reckless abandon. Everybody hit the sell button and then transfer the money to your bank and walk in and try to get it.. It can't happen, it would shut down the system.

    • The great thing about America is, it doesn't matter how prestigious your career is...if you can pretend to do it on TV you make 10x the actual career. lol. The guy on the end of the bench of a basketball team makes more than the heart surgeon. America is a pillar of strength.

      It is going to crash

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