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  • innlionsden innlionsden Jul 3, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    if you idiot long don"t stop with your #$%$

    i"m gonna start posting "quotes" from several books about stock markets from 1920-1929.
    send a chill down your spine,and yes our good friend bernanke is the keynsians poster boy for above period in time.
    but my friends the similarities are stunning ,the problem is bernanke (tbtf boys) are at a critikle point ,they are damned if they do ,damned if they don"t,the plan has hit the skids and the only thing they can do is steal and take free money as long as possible ,in meantime baffle us with #$%$ and run exhausted markets action in bulls clothing till it all pops and then collapses..............................they have made a real mess of things.all usual the fed (tbtf banks) gambled on fast road to no where ,and lost.
    why not after all they pay absolutely nothing for the risks they take,and nothing for new monies they receive,in the process try and create new victims for the next fall......yeah,where is all this money going ? old money,newly created money? not in our economy,its overseas ,for growth,military ,and resourse,in a way the our economy get almost zero benefit from......almost all going to the upper 1%,

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