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  • pudgawd pudgawd Jul 3, 2013 8:43 PM Flag

    State economist Fan says China may miss 2013 GDP goal, WHY IS THAT? I'LL TELL YOU...


    Because the global economic system functions on 2 and only 2 basic principles ...

    1. Perpetual "growth"
    2. Perpetual credit expansion

    "growth" is by definition an expansion of money supply...all money is debt....debt is expansion = "growth"

    china like the rest of the planet has reached peak debt....the point where no further credit creation can take place

    peak debt is where the debt service costs "interest" overwhelm the ability to create more credit money "debt"

    therefore...without the perpetual credit expansion there can be no "growth'

    why do you think the banking liars express such frustration at the pace of recovery? why despite the greatest creation of debt in history, "growth" is no where near where it was in the past when the debt burden and carry cost was exponentially less?

    peak debt=peak is math not opinion

    in addition...

    there is nothing in nature that can grow perpetually at an exponential rate...nothing...nothing in th entire universe save space itself can expand exponentially, perpetually

    we have reached the limits of growth and debt ....there will be no fix. There can be no fix....they will continue to inflate the impossible until it bursts and everything will revert to a singularity....and then go supernova

    math...can't argue with it

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