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  • sstillen sstillen Jul 7, 2013 1:45 PM Flag

    If you have not closely watched the implosion of WTC Building # 7

    I suggest you do.....Anyone in their right mind could clearly see this was a completely pre planned controilled demolition . 3 buildings fall, the first time in history, free fall right into their own foot print , first time in history a building has EVER collapsed from fire .... but not just one, or two, but all THREE !

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    • The 9/11 conspiracy "theory" fails to explain WHY, and therein lies its inherent weakness. If an "excuse" to go to war and/or introduce government "big brother" measures was the goal, then far less costly options were available. Why crash a plane into your own office building (the Pentagon) and risk taking YOURSELF out? ....and one can go on and on and on about the number of other problems with such a conspiracy theory.

      Again, simple logic here. Just because A (controlled demolition) causes B (vertical collapse) does not mean B cannot happen without A. In other words, just because a statement is true does not mean its converse must be true, and often in the real world, it is not (otherwise, science would be a piece of cake).

      To even BEGIN having anyone listen to you, you must PROVE that there is NO possible way that the collapse of one of the other buildings could've triggered physical events that would've also caused a nearby building to collapse vertically.

      The conspiracy "theory" fails to hold on many levels.... in the END, George W created a war with Iraq by doctoring up a few photographs and claiming there was evidence of WMDs. Think about THAT! Even George W was smarter than the 9-11 conspiracy theorists.

    • What's really idiotic about these conspiracies if trying to blame the Bush Admin is that one of Bush's best friends was/is Ted Olson, who helped him win against Gore, and his wife who was writing a book against Hillary Clinton was killed on one of those flights. Why would you have a best friends wife who is writing books about your enemies killed on a flight?

    • bwahahahahahahaa!

    • watch?v=TeVfbEIvDBc

    • Right, and thousands of co-conspirators have managed to stay silent all these years, including fire fighters and cops who lost brothers by the hundreds that day. And no plane hit the pentagon and all those passengers are now living on Lost Island.

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      • Chicky, do yourself a favor and youtube ' 911 in plane sight ' - no conspiracy theories, just some VERY strange facts that DO NOT add up to what the government told us....And I guess those pesky little Engineers from MIT that also stated it was a ' controlled demolition ' , must be ignorant huh ? What about theNYC firefighters that stated they heard and saw explosions going off in the basement of all why would there ber explosions going off in the basement when the plane hit 10's of stories higher ! Use your head man, everything going on right now is a direct result of 911 ....Read up on what a ' false flag ' is . If you want to get people to give up their rights, you better have a damn good reason to scare them into giving them up....America wasa played on this big time ....I'm just wondering how much defense contractors and oil companies banked off of this event ? oh and the " 911 Omission report " was a total sham

      • Making a comment about something without actually reading the hard data from the reports kind of makes on look like a fool. Even the NIST report of all things admits that WTC7 fell symmetrically straight down in 7 seconds and free fall acceleration for 8 stories. The kink in the roof line is characteristic of what happens in a controlled demolition.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • Hey Chicky, any idea how one of the most heavily guarded buildings in the entire world ( pentagon ), does not seem to have basic footage of an airplane coming into it's airspace and crash into the building ? Seriously, there are no cameras mounted on the rooftops of one of the most heavily guarded and monitored buildings in the world ? Think about that....You can go to best buy or Radio shack right now and buy surveillance cameras for your home that are high enough quality to record such an event

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