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  • watchdog005 Jul 16, 2013 5:05 AM Flag

    Bernanke's Wealth Stealing Scheme

    The Godfather of Wall Street and his Banksters. First of all you cannot print money that is backed by nothing with the promise to produce goods in a services economy. That's Bernanke's biggest mistake. So he just continues his bubble and bust ponzi scheme economics. Something that got Bernie Madoff in jail for the rest of his life. Bernanke has backed himself into a corner and for 10 years he's been saying that he will take his foot off the peddle when the economy improves. The problem with that is his improving economy is all smoke and mirrors and he will continue devaluing the dollar because he doesn't know what else to do. He will eventually be forced into raising interest rates in the sick economy that he caused along with Greenspan and when that happens it will be finally time to pay the piper. No more kick the can down the road bubble and bust economics. It will be over for Mr. Bubble Bernanke. He has it all rigged with his bankster pals on Wall Street to lure the sucker Mom and Pop investors in just before he pulls the rug out from underneath them in his theft scheme. Theft and rigged economics is what is running this country. The Godfather of Wall Street and his Bankster Wall Street pals. The crooks should be in jail for stealing peoples wealth by printing money and devaluing the dollar and causing everyone to pay higher prices at the pump and grocery store along with everything else that will shoot up in price. He's also lying about inflation so he can keep interest rates low and keep stocks going up on smoke and mirrors and stealing from people's cash savings accounts and he has been for 10 years now. Throw him in jail along with Madoff.

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