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  • debreasystems debreasystems Jul 18, 2013 6:09 PM Flag

    Larry Silverstein - Pull It (PBS Version)

    on youtube - just curious - in order to "pull it" and have it
    fall at free fall speeds, uniformly into it's own footprint
    wouldn't it have to be pre.wired for a demo?
    now there's foresight for ya, no doubt!! probably just a
    lucky trader as well.
    or I guess there are just levers on the corner(s) of bldgs.
    that just bring em down uniformly. I guess that would
    work on any bldg. probably, i'm just confused.
    then.........I was curious about the coincidence of the
    "insurance" coverage cause it had been uninsured for
    an extended period of time, both bldgs. an asbestos issue
    if memory serves me. anyway bout 7 days later entire
    gig goes up in "flames". just a seriously interesting string
    of coincidental events. he was paid 4billion and today was
    turned down on a 2nd suit involving the airlines.
    some guys have all the luck, I guess.
    then.........all the employees that forgot to come to work that day?
    well, that's a different story entirely.

    how bout the mrkt, sure glad i'm on the a team!!
    good luck fellas

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    • I've seen several of the videos, and one doesn't need to be a demolition expert to view an efficient and complete implosion; one which obviously took weeks to wire/rig up, and seconds to conduct.

    • It wasn't pre-wired for demo. It wasn't a demolition. He was worried about the possiblity it would collapse and wanted to pull his PEOPLE. "It" was the operation to try to put the fires out he was talking about. They had been burning for hours. It DID NOT fall at freefall speeds and was falling on the inside first from an internal structural failure. The NIST did a study on it. IF it was a demolition, the explosions required to bring it down would have been picked up by the microphones and be on the audio tracks of several different media sources. The explosions would have blown out certain windows that would have been visible on the video.

      If certain things NEED to have happened for it to have been a demolition and those things clearly did not happen, then it CAN'T have been a controlled demolition. In fact, if even ONE thing that had to be visible or audible for it to have been a demolition wasn't there, then it couldn't have been a demolition. Opinions don't matter in these things when you are talking about the laws of physics. Remember, these videos were live from multiple sources so there was no way to photoshop what everyone saw. Conspiracy nuts however can come back with doctored videos and simply lie.

      When was the last demolition you saw without a sequence of pre-collapse explosions?

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      • thanks boonie, I knew there was a logical explanation. makes total sense.
        when I speak w/ authourities I always just say "pull it" when what I really mean is
        please evacuate all my personnel immediately.
        "pull it" is well known shorthand for get my people out. my error.
        did you even watch the guy? cause.........seems like get my people out would convey that,
        every time I've hear pull it, meant yank the fawwking cord bob
        but, I flew, and owned a demolition company so ........... there ya go, live and learn

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