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  • chad_podz chad_podz Jul 31, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    FED induced rally

    Not sure what you mean by doomers. And how are they fueling the rally? I have been out and don't plan on getting into this market until after the FED quits messing with this. I am sure I am in the camp of most. Can you explain then why the volumes are so low as most of us are not participating. When (and NOT IF) this finally bursts it is going to end badly for ALL, so you can call me a doomer, but I believe that this is FED driven and not letting the natural markets find its own way. From what I've seen, when you mess with free markets it has unintended consequences...

    I guess we will all see in the not too distant future.

    IMO - Bernanke will get away scott free and next FED will be the blame for what Ben has done....

    My disclosure is that I am not only out, but have been out for sometime.

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