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  • xtgeminiman Aug 16, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    A Look At Greed In This Country

    Or at least greed the way the left envisions it.

    If you work hard and earned your money, you did so by somehow taking advantage of those less fortunate than you. If you are not willing to pay your "fair share" and by fair, I mean a higher tax rate than others, you're greedy.

    If you take welfare and disability money from the government and smoke weed all day and don't work on a job, then this is perfectly acceptable. If the person that earns his or her money doesn't pay benefits to you, they're greedy.

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    • funmusic640 Aug 16, 2013 10:26 PM Flag

      The presidential pooch was air-lifted by military helicopter to Martha's Vineyard for the next extravagant vacation of our greedy leader. He and his wife set the example.

    • You have no idea what greed is! I had a wholesale sports nutrition business and two health food stores!
      The bush administration banned alL andro products that I sold , but now the big pharma is selling the same
      products that i sold! They are advertising androgel on television and probably selling 4 times more then
      when i was selling it, so now it is safe. When i sold it i sold it to people that were health conscience,
      they weren't fatties! Now big pharma advertises on tv and sells to all the lazy people that don't want to
      You seem like an intelligent person and need to open you're eyes not all people that don't vote republican
      are lazy1

    • You got it. Funny how Bill Oreilly called that one surfer who collected food stamps a parasite and then Sharpton said he called all poor people parasites. Not true - Bill just tells it how it is. All the left can do is say he is a racist or bad mouth him because they can't go against him with any facts. Heres a fact - if the democrats keep getting elected in this country then prepare for the US to be another third world country in 50 years. See Detriot? That will be the entire country. The US is already becoming the laughingstock of the world. Seems fairly certain that all the people trying hard to make an honest living are going to get fed up and leave at some point as things get worse.

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