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  • rndyjensen rndyjensen Sep 1, 2013 5:25 AM Flag

    Syria off the table to at least September 13th --- time for huge rally Tuesday Sept. 3rd

    Congress not scheduled back till Sept. 9th, than they will debate whether to strike Syria or not which will take another 5 days or so at a minimum, they will vote NO, so Obama sends another curve ball at the Republicans again.

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    • Spending authority runs out on Sept. 30 , the end of the fiscal year. Treasury will be flat broke by sometime in Oct. or Nov. not counting the cost of war.

      Do you see what's happening?

      IF they come back from break and focus on Syria, do you see what will happen in the mean time?

      Let's say they manage to pull it off.

      It's expected they need to borrow 4 trillion, not counting the war expense (which may go under a different budget for the pentagon).

      The debt will be over 20 trillion minimum. 3 trillion will be to service the existing debt, and 1 trillion to fund the current obligations until that runs out.

      So the interest payment they need to borrow next time gets bigger. A lot bigger.

      Interest rates seem to be going up which is bad news.

      Aside from this, the shiller index (reading of 25 at the peak, same as Aug.1929) and slowing down of M2 (which has stopped growing), are both crash indicators.

      The smart money has known this for months, and have been selling the low volume run ups.

      Technically, the all time high happened recently, but the previous peak was the true end of the rally.

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