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  • darwins_assistant darwins_assistant Sep 6, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    Obamacare is just so humorous

    thinking the problem is young people not signing up. What happened to the good old days where a job got you health insurance.

    I think we're in for quite a clown car parade the next few years in US health care. Its all about the money folks, and its an ugly story filled with bad politics and greed. We're becoming the worst in the developed world.

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    • "corporations are people too" have legalized CORPORATE WELFARE
      easy to blame lazy socialist employees, who now of course will take identical work
      for less wages and...... of course pay "corporations are people too" for what has
      been passed as a LAW!!!!!!!!! failure to comply w/ said extortion will result in fines.
      "corporations are people too" have legislated a guaranteed "profit stream" they
      literally can't lose. they've done it all over the map while continually stealing more
      from employees. how much of your paycheck is MANDATORY EXPENSES?
      your fabulous 5% pay increase, sorry - premiums went up 15%.
      STOP BEING LAZY - GET ANOTHER JOB - now a married couple needs 4 FULL TIME JOBS!!!!!

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