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  • sstillen sstillen Sep 13, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    Maybe the news Media should ask the public how they feel about


    TAXPAYER money being used to fuel this entire rally ? I think most idiots think the money is free or some thing , and don't realize that Bernankes $85 billion a month is actually " tax payers " $ being used to support this sham....People are just not thinking here, or don't care, as long as the market goes up every day ! We need " deflation " ,not inflation....When Solar get's cheap enough,think of the revolution and spending it could cause , as well as reduce pollution on the planet...Making things more " expensive " just makes people buy less = hurts the economy ! Now Comifornia is stating they need " $10 an hour min wage " ? That's because people can't afford things due to Bernanke , not to much Comifornia is just insane anyway

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    • So you think you know more than the expert, uh?

      Increasing cost in housing is a "good thing", haven't you heard?
      Increasing costs in gasoline and all food is "irrelevant", haven't you heard?
      The Fed "earned" $30 billion (or whatever it was) last quarter, so QE obviously works, haven't you heard?

      Some things one either understands or one does not, most people are "average" and can't see past the smoke and mirrors, that's why the scam artists use those devices, THEY WORK.

    • You are looking at the California situation the wrong way. Most of that stolen QE goes into the hands of the corps and 1%. Raising the min wage is one of the ways you get some of it back into the hands of the 99%.

      The really disgusting thing about QE is the fact that people in the 1% are DOING zip to attain that wealth yet preach they are rich because of entrepreneurialism and hard work.

      If that was the case QE would not be needed!!

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