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  • updownbuysell updownbuysell Sep 20, 2013 6:36 AM Flag

    So who Benefited from the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar and Obama's $10 Trillion of Debt in 5 years?

    Seniors and Passbook Savers 70% of Population loss 25% of their principle savings and growing. Bernanke knew he had to replace that 850 billion per year in loss interest income and spening power with QE. He continues to think that and that was his mistake,` cause government can never replace the consumer. Thats why retail sales are on the decline and will continue.

    Poorest Americans? Went from 29 million on Welfare to 45 million on Welfare.

    Middle Class Flat to Lower nothings chaned for them in fact 40 million of them will loose $2K or more with healthcare and maybe their jobs and hours.

    Top 10% have seen there wealth grow 40% from 2008 lows. But tricke down never kicked in.

    Who does the low dollar and interest rates hurt the most? the Poor and Middle class. Bernanke's five years of trickle down theory has not trickled down.

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