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  • darwins_assistant darwins_assistant Sep 27, 2013 8:20 PM Flag

    Maybe Obamacare isn't so bad.

    Clearly, who cares if it adds to the deficit.
    It could help uninsured people pay a reasonable negotiated charge for health services they can't afford, rather than having their skin flayed by rich doctors for Porsche payments.

    Maybe employers will want to hire more without healthcare burdens.
    Its fun to pork some of these healthcare insurance companies who wouldn't insure preconditions.
    Our society brought it on itself for not facing up to economic realities of the body public.

    The rich sometimes forget they need sustainable customers. The idea that everybody is a 'mark' is not sustainable.

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    • "who cares if it adds to the deficit". For me your argument died right there.

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      • Obamacare actually reduces the deficit.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • I unfairly changed my intent with the post in the middle of it. I started at first more with a sarcastic intent, fitting in with the deficit comment. I do care about that, but America largely does not, from what I see. They care about their own finances 99% and public finances 1%.

        Then I wandered into the maze again of many subtle complexities with health care finance schemes, and I'm trying to be positive that perhaps Obamacare could be a postiive catalyst for some more important changes later than what it accomplishes (or fails to, we'll have to see). I do think we need to get rid of employer provided health care insurance, its an idea that has run its course and is now largely a negative in a global economy.

    • It is what it is. A law passed a couple of years ago. We all better start looking foward or we'll be wondering what happened to make us a second rate power.

    • You're about the most ignorant POS on this board. The rates for coverage in 2014 have gone up to insane levels. Mine went up 42%, doubled the deductible, upped the co-pay from 20% to 40%. Obamacare is a POS.
      It's just more cost-shifting. The tax credits won't even come close to covering the increases.

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      • dr kabo you must be out of your mind. rates have been going up FOR YEARS..where have you been? let alone reducing coverage slowly and surely

        obamacare is a backdoor bailout is good for the market hence why we are at all time highs

      • Dr. Kabo96,
        I'm sorry for you that your insurance costs more. I truly hope you can afford it.

        I have a skeptical eye on Obamacare for many reasons. Its transitional policy I'm sure.

        I don't think employer provided healthcare insurance is our way forward in a global economy.

        Sad to say that any financial schemes we come up with for bearing costs, whether it is insurance,
        tax based government services, or loans (like for students), in the end they all end up with the same problem, costs get out of control, public or private. All expectations drift toward unreasonable, then insane, then collapse.

    • more docs offices shutting down,
      get ready for 2 hours wait, and 2 minutes office visits,
      wait months for mri's, ct scans, ultrasounds,
      high deductibles, 4-7k premiums,
      surgeries scheduled offshore..India, and tropical islands,
      cash payments to bypass the system, and get the best care possible,'s already happening!!!

    • I resent the porsche comment...
      Porsche's are like tattoo's!
      You cant just have one....

    • I think the major problem of health care system of US is not if we should give insurance to all or not, but system itself. The Idea is already people wanted, should have been done long time ago. But no practical perspective in so much commercialized health system in us. Current health system of US is 'patient is money'. Out of control for cost, but wants to give insurance to all. That's why I think Obama is nothing but just politician dragging the country to a hole where we can't get out.

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