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  • disintegrate2013 disintegrate2013 Sep 28, 2013 12:02 AM Flag

    use basic indicators

    they work because everyone else is also looking at them

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    • No they do not for exactly the reason you stated. When everyone knows the same information, expects the same results, follows the same thought will not happen. I'm getting tired of teaching you dim wits this simple logic.

      If anything "worked" then everyone would be rich wouldn't they? The "indicators" would be self reinforcing and every single person could just climb on board and reap a harvest. Does that happen? Is everyone rich?

      Example....If the "indicators" said if aapl does this it will then do that and its price would go to "x" How many people would front run the expected secure in their belief that its written in stone? The very act of some frontrunning the results renders the expected results moot. They distort the formula you were counting on so it never ever will come to pass.

      There is no viable "indicator" none. Never was and never will be. If there was then there would be no market. Everyone would just buy a simple computer program to automatically run their account.

      Stop being irrational and believing there are magic numbers, lines and crystal balls to see into the future..there are not!


      Say you are convinced all the "indicators" point to a slam dunk...the next day you wake up and Ben Bernake walks off the job. What happens to your predictions? Poof!

      You cannot account for random future events

      There is no fuqqin viable t/a

    • I don't know dude....

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