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  • dan_da_man68 dan_da_man68 Oct 4, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Boehner will captilate, he has no choice. Already said he wouldn't let Gov default, showed his hand...

    Obama doesn't have to do anything, he's a lame duck prez as it is, Obummercare is law, he'll tell Boehner to pound sand every day til he's out of office and Bawling Boehner knows it...

    Boehners biggest problem has been to submit to the Tea Party terrorists, all his fault that he didn't stand up to them in the first place...

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    • You saying we'll be back over 1730 in a few weeks?

    • my 2 cents
      Mr B is a poor leader - he was forced into taking a position he did not support by his troops. He is well coiffed like the french and like them comes with the white flag at the start of the battle.
      He has everything to loose - and team Obama has him by his .... and they seem to want a show down. they are calling him a coward (and other names). They are sure he is going to cave or they want the show down
      if team O wanted a win without humiliating Mr B they would give him a graceful exit (kind a like what Putin gave to Obama over Syria)

      Mr B's only choice is to take this to the max otherwise he looses his speaker ship and his honor (which if was a southern gentleman would mean more to him) but I am waiting for him to grep on TV

    • "One-out-of-two U.S. voters continues to oppose the national health care law’s requirement that every American have health insurance."

      Appears the "terrorists" have the majority.

      The House of Representatives is supposed to represent the people, no?
      The only people who voted for barrycare were democrats,,, no?
      Should not the people receive the same representation as does business and congress?
      It that is how some people want to define terrorists, then include me and, I would hope you would join with me and those of us who are disgusted about taxation without representation.

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      • This is no longer about the health care - that is a done deal - until you a republican president with a majority in both houses ( expansion of drug benefit was under bush) . This about the debt ceiling fight that is coming on - if rep are wiped out early they the dems can raise the ceiling and do what they want. The added bonus is reps are wiped and 2014 is in the bag.
        Since Mr B is walking with the white flag - they feel confident of this. The only choice Mr B is to be the cornered animal that he is and lash out. Make the fight about budget control.
        (PS. i am just thinking strategy and i do not have vested interest in this)

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