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  • pud_unvanquished pud_unvanquished Oct 18, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

    I'll sum it all up with a shoe store story from today...true..


    She was smokin hot...petite, red hair, awesome perky rack, tight #$%$...and she was just about crippled.

    She wanted something stylish with a heel and picked out a couple of things.

    As she put here twisted mangled foot in one of them I could see her wince with pain...

    I couldn't keep my yap shut...she didn't have a ring on, so I went for it in pud

    I said...why the hell are you doing this to yourself? Your feet are mangled and here you are stuffing them into another shoe that will only cripple you more

    She said that she had been to a podiatrist and there was nothing they could do...I knew this already...some women get fuqqin surgery so they can keep wearing this shyte which only makes things worse!

    She agreed with me that it was insane but she had to conform to "cultural pressure"..she said that she wanted to look taller and stay in step with the fashion...she couldn't step at all!!

    I told her to fuq the culture, explained how Ed Bernaise conned american women back in the 40's, that she should do what's good for her not what some kkunt in NYC says she must do

    I was kind of hoping to score with her but that is a lost cause for me anymore...I don't know how to bs anymore

    She ended up buying a boot...pointed toe...she will wish she were dead by the end of the day...she would not take a stand against this fuqqed up culture and instead chose to be miserable, crippled, in pain rather than be happy she was a petite but very hot babe.


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