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  • pud_unvanquished pud_unvanquished Oct 19, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    It's awfully tough being me......


    I have two relationships in the with ma pud and the other with my son in NYC. They are the only two people on the earth that I have contact with and any kind of interaction/conversation.

    It's not that I wouldn't mind some human contact it's simply that I've yet to find a single human that I'd want to spend more than 30 seconds in the company of.

    I sit here today looking and listening out on to main's a perfect fall wind, warm, clear and bright with glorious trees aflame with Autumn color pleasing my eyes...and minions of fat, gross, ugly, stupid humanoids wandering aimlessly up and down the street with every third one putting something into their pie holes. The harley rider bastids are out with their tiny #$%$ toys and ugly female passengers...they parade up and down on their phallic symbols, mufflers aborted so that they can prove their masculinity to other stupid primates. None of the drones complain, none of the walking dead care, none of the zombies who don't know the names of the continents or their state capital are even aware. They waddle along, buy shyte, eat shyte, prattle on about meaningless shyte like human cattle. Why would I want anything to do with this?

    I have a few's dead, Christopher Hitchens, the other, physicist Lawrence Krauss is a busy man and I only get to chat with him via email from time to time. There are no intellectuals in this corner of the world...none. I can't remember the last time I had a meaningful discussion with anyone save ma pud and my son. It's a black hole here. All intelligence, dignity, nobility, honor, value etc is sukked out of this place, right over the event horizon into nothingness. I live in a human jungle of people plants, mobile vines and walking tree stumps...they live, they grow (fuq do they ever) they rob the intellectual soil of nutrients yet they don't even have the decency to die and rot away..they just keep coming like tendrils off a poison ivy vine...

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    • Don't you have a fat smelly feet client to tend to? When will you ever learn to quit losing y'er shorts in Ben's prop shop? Ya' just can't win - can ya'?

    • The way of the misanthrope is hard.

    • Too funny. Not for nothing, but once you give up drinking, gambling and women there is not much left in life to enjoy. Why don't you find a hobby to keep yourself busy and take your mind off of being a loser.

    • xtgeminiman Oct 19, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

      If you're that miserable in life, the problem is you. Like I said, I lived in Massachusetts for a while as a kid. The northeast US is the home of the most miserable, obnoxious, rude people in the nation. Not really surprising since they all vote democrat. Dems are full of hate towards everything.

      Also, even though there's some good information and some good entertainment, Zero Hedge is not the healthiest place to spend your time. Neither is SPY board for that matter.

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      • Is that so? I am not "miserable" I am frustrated by ideological nit wits like you who think one party is different than the other. I am speaking of the human condition, specifically the american human condition which is homogeneous and doesn't change with your geographic location. I am speaking of mass irrationality, stupidity, blindness, ignorance, tribalism, materialism and all the other "isms" that you people subscribe to that fly in the face of reason. I'm speaking of my frustration at being surrounded by your kind and the dearth of mindful people with whom I could relate if I could only find them.

        Zero Hedge is both genius and fool. Clear thinking and observant of the folly surrounding us but just as possessed by irrationality as witnessed by their obsession with a shiny metal. They are every bit as predatory and greedy as the money masters they chastise daily and embrace the same perverted values as the pigmen of wall st. I don't identify with them any more than I do you and the tards on the spy board....

    • natefriedm Oct 19, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

      Boo hoo you have a terrible attitude

    • I'd move away from here if it wasn't for ma pud. I'd make movies with my son but I doubt I could handle NYC for long. Bad enough to have thousands of human carcasses roaming around me, how about millions!

      I went to a bar a couple of times to watch the sports. I don't care much about pro sports since it became just another financialized commodity but I do get slightly heightened when the local team is in contention for the top prize. I don't drink anymore so that pleasure was unavailable to me and the tornado of blended conversations in most bars hurts my head. I can't stand drunks either. There are a few activities in town most weekends but childrens vacation bible camp and lectures by j 00s for Jesus just can't pry my #$%$ off the couch. I used to play my bagpipes on the street but getting my picture taken with some fat european tourist chick or her ugly aunt from Bulgaria wasn't worth putting my kilt on for....sigh..

      It ain't easy being me..

      You fuqqers bore me now too. While there's one or two or four of you I would probably enjoy getting to know, most of you are every bit as stupid, superstitious, useless, pitiful and contemptible as the long line of skin sacks that meander the streets of my town.

      It ain't easy being me..

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