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  • dan_da_man68 dan_da_man68 Oct 24, 2013 2:19 AM Flag

    Man, Es on fire. Guess we just had another BTFD .75% correction, the new normal...

    Just fine with me, long at the close on Psx and FB, close off the opening pops up thru the bollingers...

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    • really gotta wonder what your buying,
      dxy, tnx, euro.............I guess as long as mv2 stapled nothing else to do but chase

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      • Have to say, that, despite what seems obvious, that we'll have inflation and an expanding Fed balance sheet forever, is that pullbacks will still happen, and the longer we go without a true correction, the more massive a fall we'll experience..

        This speaks directly to the lack of knowledge that the Greenspend's/Bernanke's of the world have in regards to markets because they've prob never opened and closed a trade..

        That is, they don't understand the true pyschology of the markets because they've never actively participated in them, yet they THINK they understand...

        Fact is, the BEST thing they could do at this point, although it'll never change the long term outcome, is to let the markets CORRECT. They can step in whenever they want to control the damage, but it would, shorter term (1-3 years, imo), allow markets to continue a move up in a more healthy technical environment..

      • m2v my apologies, gotta let up on that, gotta and when they do............bingo!!
        not sure how best to position that but..............not gonna happen tomorrow either
        we're getting darn close though

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