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  • pud_pettifogger pud_pettifogger Oct 27, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    The insanity of everything...

    The visibility in Chinese cities was less than 50 yards with particulate pollution 40x "safe" levels. 40 times!
    New study shows the arctic is warming faster than any time in the last 150,000 years with all of it the result of industrialization to produce all those "con"sumer goods you all want to see grow exponentially.
    Nothing except cancer grows unchecked and forever and even cancer cells die once the host is dead.
    This obsession with compound growth is the most insane philosophy mankind has ever embraced.
    Everything has now been financialized. Nothing holds any value other than its dollar value. Quality of life, well being, peace, satisfaction, contentment, mental wellness, social stability etc all take a back seat to GDP
    I tell you now as sure as I know the sun will rise in the all will rue the day you cheered on this most dysfunctional system of debt money from thin air for the accumulation of ever more pieces of #$%$.

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